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About Us

This is supposed to be a mandatory part. Here Iím supposed to introduce myself. Address, age, background, work, c.v. etc.etc. If you donít know us, then this page is probably not intended for you. However, youíre more than welcome to browse through these pages. Lots of pictures about us and my travels to the Middle East, Far East and South America.

For the young visitors I recommend the homepage of GabriŽl, my oldest son. Games, pictures, sounds and links.


This is our family, From left to right: DiŽgo, Paul, Gabriela and GabriŽl. Click on a face to visit their homepage


"It's better to travel one mile, than to read a thousand books." (Confusius)

Iíve done quite some traveling, I suppose. The first time was in 1980 (yes, Iím that old), with two good friends, to South East Europe by train. A gas, as we were completely inexperienced. About twenty cities in thirty days. Very stupid. The second trip, in 1981, was with Encounter Overland, a travel agency with old army trucks all painted orange to avoid confusion to the local military. The trip started in London and finished three months later in Nepal. It was quite a pity that the fresh Ayatollah Khomeini didnít allow us in Iran, and we had to fly from Syria to Pakistan. Fortunately that gave us more time in Ladakh, the north of India.

During this trip, I enjoyed Turkey so much that I returned the next year. With three friend we bought a tenth hand car and drove through Turkey for six weeks. A great tour through all of Turkey, to the borders with Iran. The next year again, for another six weeks. What a beautiful country. Much later I returned for some city tours, but I didnít recognize anything. So much has changed.

Islam made a nice impression, though I canít adhere to the content of the Koran. But the Muslims Iíve seen all around the East were always very nice and hospitable. Generous and genuine, with a great sense for family values, and many times inviting me as a friend of the family. Islam as a way of life, and no use to discuss religion.

I also traveled for five weeks through Morocco, and later through Tunisia, but over there I missed the tolerance to non Muslims.

After that I had some standard holidays in Spain, Crete and the Turkish Riviera. Also nice.

In 1990 I made a nice journey, half a year from Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Hong Kong, China to Pakistan. That was so good that I returned the next year to Indonesia: Bali, Kalimantan (Borneo) and Lombok.

To try something completely different, I went to South America in 1992. Bolivia, Brazil and Paraguay. Beautiful countries, great people, and in 1993 I returned to Bolivia to marry that nice beautiful girl I met in La Paz the year before.

The East was still appealing to me, so I went with my wife and my good friend Peter to the north of Pakistan, for some wild jeep rides near the peaks of the Hindu Kush, as part of the Himalayas. Outrageous.

Later I returned to Bolivia, to show my baby boy to my family in law. In 2006 I returned again, now to show off with both my kids.

Besides, Iíve also been in the USA, and for my work four times to Bangalore, India.

To share my fascination with traveling, Iíve added some pictures on the web, and personal anecdotes. Lots of fun! For die-hard travelers, Iíve got some tips here.

An American friend of mine told me that he recognized a lot of my good experiences with Muslims, during his time in the Netherlands, but that back in the States nobody believed him. They all thought Muslims are terrorists. With my pages I would like to contribute in my own modest way to rectify this. Almost all Muslims I met were really friendly people, thoughtful, cordial, hospitable and very kind.

I think that the press is responsible for this bad perception that so many people seem to have. When a Muslim is shown on tv, thereís a direct association with war and terrorism, as thatís news. Without any alternatives like documentaries on peaceful Muslim villagers in the mountains or marketers in cosy bazaars, no one seems to realize that the vast, vast majority of the Muslims live a peaceful life, far from politics or war, quite like us.

(Sorry for my bad English, as you noticed itís not my native language)

For the die-hard traveler I've got hints here.

My pictures and stories on the countries I've visited

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